Due to his interplay with the primary two Dunamists enabling him to inherit their light, throughout his battle towards Dark Zagi, not only was he in a position to switch to each Junis and Junis Blue mode, but he was in a position to evolve into his ultimate form: Ultraman Noa. Later in the fight, his relation to Daichi was revealed as well but with Greeza confirmed stronger, the 2 carried out a kamikaze assault by letting themselves absorbed into Greeza and self-destruct, leaving Xs Coloration Timer intact. Fifteen years before the collection, he was chasing Greeza and defeated him by throwing him into the solar but ultimately unintentionally triggered the Flare incident; thus, his physique was trapped in a type of laptop data.

During the activities of Ultraman x in the movie, x changed defeated by Zaigorg, and the X Deviser took a huge injury, rendering him untransformed for a second until the appearance of Ultraman Tiga, which was transformed by Yuto healed the machine and eventually able to affix the battle once more. Becoming a member of the unique Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga, X fought towards Zaigorg, but as soon as the monster captured the former s energies, x gained beta spark Armor, which he used to lose them and empower the Ultra Warriors worldwide to destroy Tsurugi Demaaga earlier than ending Zaigorg. After Ultraman X loses himself within our online world following his defeat by Tsurugi Demaaga, Daichi ventures in and finds a rainbow which grants him the head-mounted Xlugger, Ekusuraggā boomerang blade, permitting X to turn out to be Ultraman Exceed X X, Urutoraman Ekushīdo Ekkusu.

Using the Hybrid Armor, X manages to defeat Greeza as soon as and for all, stopping the Earth from its fated destruction. Near the finale sequence, X revealed himself to Xio after Greeza headed toward Earth in search of cooperation with Earth Protection Forces to struggle against him. X separated from Daichi, revealing that throughout the battle, he regained his bodily physique and set his sight to depart from Earth. While on earth to help with a Xandria, assuming the alias Satoko, Nabia expresses initial disappointment in people being dishonest, something that her race lacked as a consequence of being mind readers before eventually understanding it a bit after attaining her mission with the Ultra Warriors and Moas assists. He sensed an important ultraman Official Shop frequency in Daichi, the principal purpose X bonded with him.